Parts of the World Wide Web

Pulkit Mital
4 min readApr 17, 2019


Do you know that in today’s world when we access the internet or world wide web, we are only scratching the surface of it?

Yes, It is true.

In this modern world, we can compare the World Wide Web to an iceberg, where its tip is the 4% of the web that we are using in our daily lives like Google, Facebook, articles and other contents. Just like an iceberg, we are not aware of how deep the web is.
In this article, we will get insight into the remaining 96% of the web which is hidden from the normal user and can be accessed via a specific application.

[Source: Google Images]

The web has four parts Surface Web, Deep Web, Dark Web, and Marianas Web.
Let’s discuss all the web one by one.

Surface Web

Surface Web is the part which is visible to all the users using the internet. The websites on this web are indexed in various search engines and one of the best example we know is Google Search. But the web comprises of many things other than this.

For eg: Facebook

Deep Web

The Deep Web is the secret web that is not accessible to normal users. The pages/websites on this web are not indexed in the search engines. These links are only accessible to authorized personnel only.

For eg: Cloud Storages, links to access the Database and legal documents and many more.

Dark Web

The Dark Web or Dark Net is the most dangerous part of the web and all the illegal and criminal activities happen here.

You cannot access these illegal websites using normal browsers like Chrome, Firefox or any other browser. You need a specialized browser known as Tor Browser(The Onion Router).

These websites have their own domain known as .onion and just like the deep web you should have a website link to access these sites.

In this place, all the transactions are based on BitCoin as it is very difficult to trace the transition made via BitCoin.

Warning: Please don’t visit these sites as they are very dangerous as well as there is a chance to get hacked by the malicious hacker.

eg: facebookcorewwwi.onion

Marianas Web

As the name suggests that this name is given after the Marianas Trench which is the deepest part of the ocean on the Earth. The Marianas web is the deepest and most dangerous part of the web, which comes after the darknet.

To surf, the Marianas web one should have the link to the website as well as the key to access the website.

It is rumored that the secrets of the government, information about the lost city of Atlantis, Illuminati and many secrets can be found here.

So, why the Government is not doing anything? This is because, As mentioned above that many countries government secrets are found here and they don’t want to expose them.

One story which is regularly reputed that once a freelancer who did web designing was employed by an individual on Reddit stage. The individual’s name was 450W. Presently this individual advised the consultant to make a website. In any case, the shocking thing is 450W(the individual) was prepared to pay $50,000 every week, which is more than the freelancer’s pay. Normally, he consented to do the errand. 450W(the individual) instructed him to make a site on a private server. He worked for almost two months. But the freelancer had some doubts about for what reason would anybody pay him such a great amount to make such a basic site. Since he was developing on a private system, he had constrained access to the site. He was able to download three videos. Here’s the video.

[Source: Youtube]

The message containing binary is decoded as follows:

“Once you get in, you can never escape

Never, try to enter, this is where you stop.

We are not alone

There is no afterlife

Leave them alone

None of this is real

Earth is not real

Living is not real

Death is not real”

And the last line was “ I am God”.

Entering into Marianas web is very very difficult. As per rumors, we need Quantum Computers or Super Computers to dominate over Marianas Web

It is also rumored that you don’t need any supercomputers or quantum computers. These are based on closed shell and to access these websites, you just need Linux based distro like Ubuntu and Chaos VPN.
The sites have a domain like .clos or .loky and these domains can be accessed by the above method.

This article is only for knowledge and I don’t promote any illegal activities and not responsible for any illegal activities.

I hope after reading this article you can know about what is surface web, deep web, dark web and Marianas web.